Welcome to crunchphp!
Published: 2013-10-28

Actually this site doesn’t serve any deeper purpose. I own the domain and I have some free space. Also it allows me to get into Jekyll for static site generations. While playing around – it took me the promised 5 minutes to set it up – I wonder why I’ve not started with it earlier, because lets get honest: Most pages are static. So here I am: An slightly ugly looking page with the simplest and easiest “blog-system” I’ve ever seen. That may be an interesting start point for another attempt of an English speaking blog (for those who know me and/or just speak german: My heavily outdated German blog is still available). With code highlighting, images and such I have all I need. However, the domain doesn’t fit that good, because an English language blog with a German .de-domain? I should be a more “international” one I guess. Hopefully this wont be my last blog post.