Strings are constants too 2014-11-01
In our development team, we have a (more or less strict) rule: If it’s a constant value, make a constant out of it. In many cases this makes sense, or at least increase clarity, or readability. class Constant { const HOUR = 3600; const DEFAULT_TIMEOUT = 120; } (Aside: We haven’t left the “classes for everything”-paradigm yet) As you can see both values have at least a small semantic value and either increase readability (HOUR), or may change over time.

New Domain 2014-04-01
I moved the whole blog to a new domain: All other non-country-dependent TLDs were already taken by an pickles manufacturer …

Assetic Bundle includes cache busting worker 2013-20-11
With PR#249 the AsseticBundle (by default included in every symfony-standard-based Symfony2 application) supports the cache busting worker out of the box. assetic:workers:cache_busting:enabled:trueWhat happens: It will create different file names for different file contents, not only on the file name (At least it should, I haden’t time to try it yet). This is cool, because now you don’t have to take care about cache invalidation for assetics assets yourself.

Welcome to crunchphp! 2013-28-10
Actually this site doesn’t serve any deeper purpose. I own the domain and I have some free space. Also it allows me to get into Jekyll for static site generations. While playing around – it took me the promised 5 minutes to set it up – I wonder why I’ve not started with it earlier, because lets get honest: Most pages are static. So here I am: An slightly ugly looking page with the simplest and easiest “blog-system” I’ve ever seen.